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Katrinka abroad is a  special blog for us, not only because US-born Katrinka is young, enthusiastic and talented, but because she lives in Istanbul, which is a city we are very fond of. Thank you for answering our questions, Katrinka! 


What took you abroad?

I moved abroad January 2013 after talking about it for ages. I studied in Prague in 2008 and I was eager to repeat and expand on the experience of living in another culture. I wanted to travel more and have an adventure, and Istanbul seemed like an exciting and challenging city to start in. Though I didn’t have much of a plan when I moved there, things just keep working out!

Why a blog?

Blog of the month - Katrinka2I always intended to use my blog as a leaping-off point for other opportunities, which is how it’s worked out. I also wanted to start some creative project before I moved abroad that I could continue once I was there, so that I’d have something to focus on through the transition abroad. Though I was a prolific letter-writer, I’d never blogged before, so I saw this as an opportunity to practice my writing and finally do something with my photography.

Have you found any difficulties in setting it up and managing it? Are you assisted by someone or did you do everything on your own?

I am terrible at all things technical, so I usually have assistance to set up anything new. The day-to-day things I manage myself.

With what frequency do you publish on your blog?

I would like to publish two or three times a week, but usually it’s around 4-5 times a month. It’s all dependent on how much time I have to write!

Give us three reasons why your blog is important to you

1. It’s how I got my current job, which I love, as well as many other creative and lucrative opportunities.
2. It allows me to connect with other people through stories and shared enthusiasms.
3. It forces me to take time to observe, reflect, and articulate.

Have you met people through your blog?

Yes, many! Other bloggers, readers, local expats, Turks, travelers, analogue enthusiasts… The people who have come into my life just because I write a blog have made the whole endeavor worth it a million times over.


Katrinka, Istanbul, Turkey
March 2016