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Haneda Airport, Japan

Thanks a lot, Alison, for this informative and useful article! Website: http://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/ Website: http://www.haneda-airport.jp/inter/en/ Haneda Airport or Tokyo International Airport is one of two airports that service the Tokyo area. The other, larger airport, is Narita but this is...


The Bangkok Airport

We thank Alyson, from Japan, for the presentation of this airport she knows so well…   Website: http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/ Suvarnabhumi Airport or the New Bangkok Airport opened in 2006 and is now the main international airport for Bangkok. It is...


The Dhaka Airport

Paola, our honorary member from Dhaka, continues informing us about life in her hosting country, Bangladesh, with this thorough article on Dhaka Airport – thanks a lot Paola!   Hazrat Shah Jalal International Airport (the name changes according to...