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01 novembre, 2017
10:17 AM
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Moving to a new country is always an adventure, new places to explore, people to meet, experiences to make. Unfortunately there can be a dark side to every move, people you leave behind, feeling of isolation, fear of the unknown.

This group is for people who in their lives abroad take with them, amongst their suitcases full of dreams, little bags of uncomfortable feelings.

Barbaraexpat, a professional counsellor, moved to Melbourne over twenty years ago and today is happy to welcome you to her online support group.

We’ll meet a first time just to share what we would like to discuss in the future – be it distance, loss a beloved ones, solitude, inadequacy, and anything else you might feel in your life abroad.

Just let us know if you are interested, where you live, and what would be the most convenient time and day to meet online.

Expatclic provides the software to make our get-together successful. We wait for you!

Questions and more info: expatsupport@expatclic.com