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01 novembre, 2017
4:05 AM




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Would you like to improve your writing skills in English?

Do you aspire to being a published writer?

Or perhaps you’d like to enter a writing competition…and have a go at winning it

Paolaexpat is here to help, with her free travel writing workshop: Powerful Prose with Paola

Course Details 

Target participants:
Anyone with at least an upper intermediate level of English, wishing to improve her writing skills in English

Maximum 6 participants…first come, first served!

To write a punchy and interesting travel article in English, possibly for entry into a writing competition.

Workshop Content:
You will be asked to read a few short articles in English, explain what you like/don’t like about them, and analyse how they differ from articles written in your mother tongue. You will also receive writing critique guidelines, which will help you while you are crafting your article.

You will be asked to write an article of maximum 750 words, about a town or village which you think deserves more publicity. Paola will help you polish it, giving you advice on language and style. After three revisions, you might wish to enter in into a competition!

Course starts in mid-February. First draft due by the end of February. Last draft due by mid-April.

How to join:
Send an e-mail to Paolaexpat

Paola has lived in a dozen countries over four continents, and recently moved from Bangladesh to Ghana. She delves deep into every new posting, doing her best to familiarise herself with her new culture, meet local people, and learn the language. All this inspires her writing.
She has had over fifty travel and lifestyle articles published in print over four continents, and over fifty more online. You can read some here and here. She has won and been placed in several writing competitions. You can read some of her winning entries here and here. She is an active member of the Writers Abroad Website. Paola is also a language teacher, trainer and examiner.
You can view her website here, and read about her writing career here in an interview by Chris Allen, a fellow traveller and writer.