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There was a time when Expatclic had a Cuisine column, and a rich forum where we used to exchange recipes and tips for cooking abroad. When we shifted platform and changed the website into what you see today, we decided to let the Cuisine go. The forums were closed by then, and we just did not seem to find the time to write culinary articles, either.

Somehow, though, I missed the lively discussions about our latest preparations, and the touch of colour and lightness that talking about recipes conveys. That’s why, when Carole suggested we join forces to create a culinary-cultural portal, I did not hesitate. The first thing that came to mind was: “Why create something outside Expatclic, if we could just bring the old column back to life and continue feeding it? “.

Well, there are a number of reasons for that:

  • On Expat@table, Carole and I want to give the proper space to interesting and quality articles on how culture and gastronomy are linked. Expatclic reputation (and its hard work) is based on topics more directly linked with life abroad (like moving children, maintaining a professional balance, aging parents back home, to name a few)
  • I felt that culinary articles on such a big website as Expatclic, would be a bit lost and not gain the visibility they deserve
  • I salute every new project outside Expatclic (which has been as present as a child in my life for the last 11 years) with joy and anticipation
  • I thought that maybe those who are happy to share their culinary experiences will do it more willingly in a place which is dedicated solely to gastronomy
  • Expatclic cannot charge for its work because it is a non-profit association registered in Italy, and we keep it as simple as possible to avoid the complicated bureaucratic hassle linked to advertising, selling products and applying a fee on our services. Still, all these websites have costs, and we need Expat@table to be able to generate a minimal income to cover them. So we created it as a project per se, registered by Carole as her enterprise. The little revenue we’ll be able to generate will cover the running costs, and the rest will be donated to Expatclic to continue its important work. It will be an ongoing fundraising tool!

All this sounds very grand and meticulously organised, but the truth is that we are launching this project on a small scale and with lots of enthusiasm and ideas but also with curiosity about what is going to happen. We certainly hope everybody who has an interest in the link between gastronomy and culture will be glad to read our articles and recipes and to contribute with theirs. For the time being, we have added a couple of articles that some of you might recognise (they come from the old Expatclic), but we are planning to cover a wide variety of topics. You are always more than welcome to take part: we would be delighted if Expat@table became a joint project, where culinary experiences from all over the world mingle in all their fascinating diversity.

October 2015