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12 amazing years

100 articles per year

hundreds of expat women told you their problems

you put hundreds in contact, helped them settle down, made them laugh, made them feel less lonely

you have had forums, contests, interviews, chats, get together all over the world

and you have a virtual library, a platform for professional expat women, an online support group

you have shared thousands of information, tips, details, titles, names

you have  welcomed and said goodbye to dozens of team members

you have seen children being born, grow, turn into adults

you have perused health systems, schools systems, transport systems

you have talked about languages, traveling, sharing, adjusting, learning, working, saying good-bye

you have collected thousands of images all over the world, organised round robins of all sorts, shared recipes, traditions, travel tips

you have comforted mothers, fathers, grandmothers, friends, workers, travellers, students…

your articles have been read all over the world…and here are the ones who won over our evergreen article on AIRE in the daily readings:







Expatclic is fun, joy, laughter, companionship, creativity, help, support, world, friendship…and will continue like that!

Thank you all for your support. Should you wish to make Expatclic a small present, get in touch with us