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Carolexpat has interviewed Florence Chabert D’hieres, a French expat lady who has become an intercultural coach and presently lives in the Middle East.


Who are you, and why did you decide to become coach for expats? Tell us about your work and your clients. What languages do you speak?

I am an adopted child raised in a bi-national (French and Italian) family. I left France 15 years ago after working in marketing and living in several countries.

When I got married I became an “accompanying spouse”, so I decided to reinvent myself and started a training to become intercultural coach.

I work for relocation and training companies, providing intercultural training and coaching to families, children and top managers. I  help them integrate and adapt to their new country.

I have clients from all over the world and thanks to my present location, I can work in the Middle East. I speak French, English, Spanish and German, and I have some notions of Arabic!

Have you lived in many countries, and where are you at the moment?

I don’t know whether we can say many, but this is my 6th relocation. I left France fifteen years ago, I lived in NYC, Switzerland, Australia, and I have been living in the Middle East for 10 years.

Presently I divide my time between Dubai and Saudi Arabia, where both market and lifestyle develops very fast. It is enriching and interesting to be able to live all these changes as a woman!

What is your impression of the Emirates? Is it a dream destination for expat families?

I believe the Emirates and the Middle East in general are a very practical destination for expat families. The weather is nice all the year round, life quality is really top, landscapes are superb, I am a big fan of the desert!

Education and health services are also great and it feels safe. In short, it is an area where families can live happily.

intercultural coachYou just published a new book…tell us what pushed you to write it.

I have been training young expats in the Middle East for ten years, so I generally feel more at ease talking than writing… Still, I thought all young who don’t have the chance to follow a training would benefit from a book that they can share with their families.

It was a good moment, we had just arrived in Saudi Arabia, so I did it!


Thank you Florence for offering a copy of your book to Expatclic online silent auction

Here is the book in French: https://rdm-editions.shop


Florence Chabert D’hiere
Interviewed by Carolexpat
October 2018
Photo Credit ©Audrey BAYLE Photography
Translated from French by Claudiaexpat


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