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Another Voice is a blog animated by a group of women living both in Israel and Palestine, who in front of the deteriorating situation aim at putting together voices of hope, peace and tolerance. By providing snapshots of their daily lives, these women contribute to give us a clearer and more human view of the situation. They also want to make their feminine voice heard, hoping to shape a possible scenario of peace. We strongly recommend anyone interested in the situation to go back and read the posts of these brave and intense women regularly. Thank you, ladies!


Who is behind Another Voice and how did the idea come up?

We are a group of women living in Israel and Palestine who decided to start this blog in order to counter the violent language and solutions to our conflict. We are wives, mothers, daughters and sisters who are trying to live out “loving one another.” We also want to see more women speak up about their lives here.

Do you all know each other in person?

Yes, we do. We have known each other for many years.

Why the choice of not going public with your names?

There are many people we know that have spoken up against the war or promoted peace, and they were socially outcast and some even publicly attacked. Sadly our societies have grown intolerant towards the minority groups and we have had our share of experience in this. We also want people to address what we are saying rather than attack who is saying it. At this time, we choose to remain anonymous. In the future, we may choose to lift this veil of anonymity and reveal our identities.

What do you wish to achieve with this blog?

We wish to have a forum where we can share our thoughts and experiences living here. We see one another as equals and believe that we should all share the same rights to live here and be who we are. Simply put, we refuse to let our society tell us that we are enemies. And we want to share how we keep our commitment to this everyday.

Are you thinking to open up to more people or will you remain the number you are now?

Yes. If you go to Contact us, we have an open invitation to anyone in Israel/Palestine who shares our vision. Currently there are many male-dominated forums within our communities, so this one seeks to give a voice primarily to women. At the same time, we are open to hearing from a male contributor on occasion. We want everyone, regardless of their gender, religion or ethnic background, to feel free to contribute to Another Voice.

What does the hope for peace need at the moment?

It needs to speak up and be loud. Just because the voices of exclusion are louder, it doesn’t mean they are right. There are many quieter voices out there speaking for peace. We need the international community to pay attention to these voices calling for justice, peace and non-violence. It strengthens us, encourages us, and shows those who think like us that we can affect social change.


 Interview collected by Claudia Landini (Claudiaexpat) on November 2014

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