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I am very happy today, because ExpatWomen at Work is finally online.

I still have the document I wrote in Peru in 2005, where I explained to my team my idea of creating a pool of professional expat women. At that time all the social networks that make our lives so easy nowadays did not exist. I thought it would be wonderful to create a database of professional women of all nationalities who could help each other, exchange services and showcase their work.

The idea was great but the time was not right: we lacked funds to realize it, we had no technical support, and all our time was taken up working on the main topics Expatclic had been created for.

During the past few years many initiatives have been launched on the web to help professionals in many ways. I always thought, however, that it was almost a duty for Expatclic to create a space to specifically tackle the issues of mobile careers. Even more so since for the last couple of years I have had the privilege to gain a deep insight into this field through my online courses on portable careers.


I have therefore decided to go ahead with the idea. I worked with my team, which as usual showed enthusiasm and involvement, and I found the right professionals to build it. Here is the result.

Like every project, this platform has already taken on a life on its own, inspiring me with beautiful ideas and showing me great potential I had never imagined. My original idea was to create this space to give professional expat women the chance to advertise their work and get in touch with like-minded professionals who could help with tips, info, networking and sharing experiences.

However, while building it, I realized this platform could give us much more. I employed two of the women who are part of it: to create my personal website, Antonella Antonioni, from Malta, interpreted my ideas for the graphics perfectly, and Barbara Zonzin was the graphics person for ExpatWomen at Work. I realized that this experience could happen again among other women of the platform, and so boost the work of expat women all over the world. This would be enough to make me very happy.

For the moment the platform only hosts a few profiles. We could not show it before the launch, so we contacted only women who know us and trusted us with their profiles without seeing the platform where they would be uploaded.

While feeding the map of the platform I realized that it offers another important service : the chance to find professionals that speak your own language in a foreign country. I know, I have not reinvented the wheel – many websites have compiled lists of professional expats, embassies have their own lists, and a British psychologist in China has certainly already applied her marketing plan. But why not provide a further tool?

Precisely because on the net you find everything and more, offering another channel can be of great help in complicated situations (and living abroad can sometimes be very complicated).


The adventure has just started and we have great ideas for the future. We’d obviously like this platform to see as much action as possible. Send us your profiles, put us in contact with your professional expat friends, tell us about your professional initiatives and products, send us your ideas to expatwomenatwork@expatclic.com

And if you can, please support us financially. The platform is free and accessible to everyone, but maintaining it takes time and money. We are sure that those who understand and appreciate it will do all they can to help us keep it up. We thank you for your support at all levels, and simply for being, over the years, such an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Happy careers abroad!

October 2013


Since you are here...

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