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We’ve really enjoyed reading the entries from the Travel Reflections competition. It has been such a privilege for us to read so many lovely stories, poems and see such beautiful photographs, that we’ve decided to produce an e–book so that the public at large can read the amazing moments and cultural encounters, the sorrow, fascination and joy in all the entries we received. Together, there are 11 stories which cover all situations experienced through travel, living life abroad and culture.

All proceeds from the sales of Travel Reflections will go to Expatclic.com, a website whose only income rests on membership and donations. We warmly invite you to purchase the e-book as a gift – don’t forget that Christmas is around the corner – or buy it for yourself to read and discuss with friends.

Riflessi di Viaggio

Riflessi di Viaggio

Travel Reflections is also in Italian as a collection of stories written by Italian and non-Italian women who have been living in Italy for a long time. Also in Italian is our recipe book, which contains 70 mouthwatering recipes from women all over the world who have been collating their recipes over time. Should you by chance read the Language of Dante or have friends who do, please support our work by buying this book, which incidentally, contains practical tips on how to replace ingredients that you cannot find in your host country and shows how recipes can profit from exposure to different cultures.

E-book ricette

Il Giro del Mondo in Cucina


You can buy our e-books – you decide the price, starting from 2€ per e-book! – directly from Expatclic! Use PayPal or your credit card here, then write us and specify how many and which copies you want, and in which format. We can send them in e-pub format, so that you can comfortably read on you kindle or iPad, or in pdf.

Warm regards from the The Expatclic Team and we hope you enjoy your e-book experience.