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Expatclic Italia is happy to announce its second photographic contest: «Women in the world: images of women from our host countries»


Six years ago Expatclic Italia launched a photo contest on the theme: “Citizens of the World – how women see expatriation“. We wanted to provide a space where expatriate women could let loose their creativity on a topic that is rarely expressed in images. The idea had a huge response. More than one hundred women competed from forty different countries. This contest was followed by a traveling exhibition (still operating), which was shown in Lima , Bucharest, and Manosque, in Provence, in the intercultural coffee shop of Marie(expat).

It was a very positive experience that put us in contact with wonderful and creative women who are still following us, and with the Italian institutions; and all this helped us to visually enrich our ongoing discussion on women and expatriation.

Today we propose another photo contest, but with some variations. First, the topic: unlike the first edition, that prompted you to look within you to find a way to translate your expat experience into images, this contest invites you to look around you and introduce us to the ‘players’ in your hosting country. “Women in the world: images of women from our host country” has the dual purpose of stimulating your creativity in presenting images of the lives of women in the country where you live, and of introducing them to Expatclic and to the general public, through the eyes of those who live side by side with them every day. It is therefore quite a challenge, that we hope many of you will accept!

Changes, however, also concern the participants: while the first contest was addressed only to Italian citizens residing abroad, this time it is open to expatriates of all nationalities. The contest is indeed launched in the four languages of the website, and aims at involving the international public of Expatclic in an initiative that knows no boundaries.

The other change concerns the fact that this contest will not be followed (at least not immediately) by a traveling exhibition, but will result in a beautiful 2013 calendar that will gather the photos that stood out in terms of originality, technique and composition.

Finally, the photographs will no longer be voted on by the public, though people will be able to express their preferences through the photo gallery that we’ll create on the Facebook page of Expatclic. The final judgment will be given only by the team of Expatclic.com, who will be supported by a group of expatriate photographers, including our own Cristinaexpat.

We sincerely hope that this second photo contest will, like the first, prove also to be a moment of shared joy, creativity and wisdom, as is always the case in all the initiatives that Expatclic proposes to make expatwomen’s life around the world even more sparkling and lively. See you there!


The Expatclic Team
June 2012


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