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06 October, 2017
9:00 AM




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birthday cake

Celebration is in the air!!!


Expatclic turns 13 this month, and we want to involve our wonderful community to celebrate with us.

Over the years we have organised many successful culinary round-robins, so what better way to keep up with tradition while embracing the party atmosphere than organising a “party food” cooking extravaganza?

Finger food and cakes from your adoptive country, the recipe of your favourite childhood birthday treat or that unmissable delight that the whole family loves…we invite you to share it and spread it around the world!

Sweet or savoury
big or small
healthy or wickedly naughty
we want them all!


Click here to read how the round robin works, or send your name to Deborahexpat if you want to participate.

Happy birthday Expatclic!!!