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Expatclic is a free website managed by a group of volunteer women who have been living abroad for years. We are assisted in our work by a growing number of expat women who support the website with articles, information from their hosting country, translations, and more. Together, we form a vibrant, passionate and active community, whose aim is to help expat women and their families meet new cultures and embrace new lifestyles in an open, relaxed and positive frame of mind.

This is our manifesto:

  1. We recognize women’s sensitivity when relocating, when facing new situations, and during times of difficulty abroad

  2. We help each other in any way we can to make the experience abroad a positive one

  3. We work mostly online and are huge fans of the Internet and what it can offer; however, we are always happy when we can meet face to face and connect outside the net

  4. We are aware that families with children need special attention when relocating, and are happy to share our experiences to make every move with children a success

  5. We value the professional identity of expat women and do what we can to help each other in this field

  6. We nourish and support our network in order to make it grow over time – we nurture it with passion, honesty and solidarity

  7. We are a not–for–profit association that exists thanks to donations and contributions from members and anyone else who appreciates our work

  8. We value the creativity generated by living abroad, and provide expat women with the opportunity to express it

  9. We are convinced that when a woman and her family relocate happily, they will have a positive and enriching relationship with their host country, thus contributing to a better world; we recognize the importance of the role of women in the success of relocations

  10. We base our work on our passion for other cultures and enthusiasm for the richness life abroad has to offer


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