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Claudia says her best project are her two sons, two wonderful citizens of the world aged 27 and 32. She is an intercultural trainer and mobile careers coach, has lived eight years in Africa  (Sudan, Angola, Guinea Bissau and Congo Brazzaville), ten in Latin America (Honduras and Peru), four and a half in wonderful Jerusalem, four in Jakarta, Indonesia, and five in Geneva, Switzerland. She has now repatriated in Italy, and lives in Tuscany, from where she continues her work in support of expat women all over the world. She loves people, networking, discovering new cultures, dancing salsa, reading and playing. You can talk to her in any language – she understands you and answers in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese, and for the languages she does not understand, she invents something.

She is the founder and coordinator of Expatclic, and knows the website in every little detail. It would be faster to tell you what she does not do on Expatclic. She adores it and is ever present everywhere. 

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