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This month we introduce you to Aga’s blog, ShopaholicFromHome. Aga is Polish and lives in Lyon. Thanks Aga!


lyonMy journey with exploring abroad has started many years ago, when I was at the university. During the first summer of my studies, I went to work at the camp for kids in the USA. I was there for over 3 months and I loved the idea of working within international environments, meeting people of different countries, getting to know different cultures and appreciating the mentality differences among nations.

Since that moment, I could not stay happy in Poland. So, during my studies I went to Bratislava for the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, and then I went to London for Leonardo Da Vinci Internship Program.

I fell in love with England and came back there to work and enjoy. I stayed over 7 years. Now, I am in Lyon and I would say I travel, settle in different countries because I am very open to different cultures and appreciate the differences, I am flexible and adapt easily to new places, I am fascinated by new things but mostly and first of all…there are people that I follow, I meet, I like, I love…so my home is where my heart is and it is here in Lyon! And I think this time I have finally found my place in the world…

Now to my blog. I used to work in the affiliate network back in London. I loved it very much, I got a bit passionate about this and the work of our publishers. I was working in the agency so I was managing our clients and partners. Some of our partners had blogs and I liked the idea very much. I also wanted to understand them better therefore I was thinking about starting a blog myself. It took me long as I was not sure about my English writing skills but one day I simply decided not to postpone my passions any longer and just try it out. Because I am a kind of creative person with too many ideas, I have many observations and I love to learn and explore new things, the blog gives me the opportunity to express myself, keep me happy. And at the end of the day the life is about enjoying and being happy rather than stressing about some English mistakes which I do make (so please accept my apologies for this 😉 in advance.

I started the blog Shopaholicfromhome myself without any previous knowledge about wordpress and photos, imagines and apps and there is still so much I do not know and understand but I keep reading… I have read a lot and I stay informed with the latest news so I can adapt or at least update my blog. I know there are many things I should improve in the blogging but for now I am just creating and writing with the basic skills which I gained online. I know when there is a problem I will google it 😉 or speak to my friends 😉

When I started with shopaholicfromhome, a long time ago, I was publishing almost every day as each day was supposed to bring a new shopping theme topic. Those were short posts which I enjoyed as I like shopping, savvy shopping, virtual shopping, shopping gifts ideas, freebies etc. But since I moved to Lyon I paused the shopaholicfromhome activity and started the J’adore Lyon one. As I am totally and truly in love with the city and France. I cannot stop generating the observations about the French and France but I try to schedule them this time. I write longer posts, I research more, I explore the city and France and I do learn so much so I want to share with others. But I don’t want to overwhelm people with too many articles so I try to post a maximum of 2 times per week.

lyonMy top 3 reasons why the blog is important for me would be:

  • It makes me happy to take photos, explore the city and France, spot some interesting differences between all of us and write about them
  • I am a bit curious about new things, I get passionate about things I love. This is why I want to learn more about France as well as the fact that I came here to France makes me want to try to learn and understand the French so I can then appreciate them more. I think it is very important to respect the inhabitants of the country and we can learn so much out of them. I don’t want to be ignorant towards new cultures. On top of that I always have something to say and so I write…
  • I feel I developed, I learn, I connect with people and this is important for me. The blog is also my way to share my current life with the friends and family in other countries.

I had never planned to make any connections with people when I started to write a blog and I even treated it as an anonymous place for my writing, a place where I can write and no one knows …but it is just recently that I have started to be more devoted to the blog and therefore I started to connect with people especially in Lyon, France through expats portals, language schools, communities. I have also dedicated FB JadoreLyonByShopaholicfromhome and JadoreLyon Twitter, Google Plus account as well as J’adorelyon Tumblr and Pinterest which I restarted recently and will try to use more and more. On top of that I also do stay more connected with my friends and family abroad.

Lyon, France
May 2015


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