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Aga of Shopaholicfromhome comes back with her usual enthusiasm about her host city, Lyon, and a couple of useful infos. Thanks Aga!


In this article I would like to share what I think are the best ways you can learn French, and what are in my experience the best language schools in France…Obviously I am not a specialist in linguistics and not a professional who did all the courses and schools to be qualified enough to give the official recommendations; I believe to be a practitioner and good observer and a bit of an experienced person in this matter…so have a look at what I have to say and please feel free to share your ideas.

Coming to France without knowing anything about the country and the spoken language made me really focus on exploring the country and Lyon as well as starting my adventure with the French language. I mean adventure as French is really an adventurous language to understand. If you want to speak French well you really need to work hard and do it properly. I believe that the best and most efficient way of learning a foreign language is in the country where it is spoken. So for French it is France and Lyon is becoming a more and more popular destination for this…Why? Well:

  • firstly, because it’s a beautiful French city which has a lot to offer: history, entertainment, activities, monuments, things to do!
  • secondly, because it’s very authentic – still preserving a lot of  local influences and has been protected from international influences
  • thirdly,  a lot of people here can speak only French
  • finally, it is still cheaper then so well known and popular Paris!

So if you are thinking of learning French, come over to France, consider choosing Lyon as your destination and here I have for you 5 Top Best Language Schools in France which offer French Intensive Courses:

1. Alliance française de Lyon
Tel : +33 4 78 95 24 72

Alliance Française is a private language school with  over 800 offices in about 137 countries. It is one of the biggest, well known and most recognized name in the world. Located in  the center of Lyon, it offers French courses at every level: very good quality intensive or extra-intensive general ones (based on the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages) to 2,600 students from over 130 countries each year. The courses are available in the mornings or in the evenings,  all year long and more courses are introduced in the summer. The school organizes a lot of cultural activities, events for its students, it helps arranging accommodation, has very good teachers and is well equipped with new technologies and interesting teaching methods.

2.  Berlitz
Tél. : +33 4 72 35 02 34
Contact through the website

Another very well known international language school which is the world’s premier provider of language training and intercultural service in more than 70 countries. It has 28 centres across France in all major cities, 2 in Lyon. The school works with students of all levels and uses the so-called “Berlitz Method”. This is a direct teaching method and focuses on using language as a tool for communication. It has been successful in teaching foreign languages and incorporated by other practitioners.  Berlitz offers a very wide range of programs available to develop a global-ready workforce and leadership. What is more, the school provides translation and interpretation services.

3. Lyon Bleu International   
Tel: +33 4 37 48 00 26

The third biggest and well known language private school on my list is Lyon Bleu International. It has been founded in 1999 and it is a professional training organisation certified by the French government. The school operates in other countries and here in Lyon. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of  French language courses that will suit your objectives, available time and budget. It works with a professional team of teachers who use new and interesting teaching methods. It offers administrative help for students and organize cultural their cultural life, plus providing many entertainment opportunities.

4. Ecole Interculturelle de Français       
Tel:  +33 4 78 39 04 88

Ecole Interculturelle de Français is another big and famous Lyonnais language school. It provides standard learning courses of grammar, vocabulary, phonetics etc. It also offers so called “Workshops” to students of all levels and enable them to take part in the life of the city. They can then practice French outside the classroom and learn French culture and history. The school prepares students for the Delf and Dalf exams, it has a very professional staff and it helps students with administration issues and accommodation when they come to Lyon.

5. Lyon International Catholic University   
Tél. : 00 334 72 32 50 53

Lastly, something a bit different but with a very good reputation – the ILCF, French Language and Culture Institute, which  is an another French learning opportunity in Lyon. The institute is a part of the Literature and Languages Department of the Catholic University of Lyon. It specializes in teaching French to non-native speakers since 1948. It is a university and therefore it will have a very good offer of university professors; attendance must follow the university semester, so you are a bit limited on when you can start and finish, but ILCF has a very good reputation and is chosen by many students…and one more benefit, you will gain a student status here in France when attending its classes.

I hope you liked my selection and found it useful. I hope you also made up your mind….why not to do something for yourself… I am sure you have always dreamed of learning this beautiful language, haven’t you? So take some time off work, school and come to France…Lyon awaits you! Take up a course, explore France & its culture, visit the gems and popular French destinations, meet French people and make international friends! And if you have questions or comments do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You can also visit my blog, where I keep writing about France and Lyon and all it offers to us…

Lyon, France
October 2015


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5 years ago

Thanks for the information about the top 5 schools to learn french. It was really enlightening. I just enrolled in Catholic University of Lyon to study french. Cannot wait to see Lyon. Will beon this blog for more insights.
Thank you