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Linguistic Empathy Practised Here


The definition of linguistic empathy coined by Expatclic is the following:

Linguistic empathy is the capacity to understand and transmit the messages contained in written words or communicated orally, going beyond their mere literary meaning, and always bearing in mind that each language is the means an individual uses to express her culture, life story and emotions.


  1. Expatclic uses four languages because we want to give the highest possible number of expat women the chance to deeply understand and feel understood

  1. Expatclic recognizes that behind every translation there is a problem of communication of codes, cultural symbols and moods that are not always easy to express with words

  1. Expatclic strives to look beyond words and to get in touch with the cultural baggage, moods, problems and emotions of its users

  1. Expatclic recognizes and celebrates the linguistic richness that characterizes life abroad, and therefore encourages the use of several languages in all its projects and in all interactions with and between the women in its community

  1. Expatclic recognizes the role of the English language as fundamental in global communication, but trusts there will always be space for all other languages, and wishes to develop a set of words and expressions about mobile life that is not exclusively in English

Expatclic practices linguistic empathy, and invites you to do the same. We strive to translate our articles to the best of our ability, but correctly translating the expressions of each culture is a challenge that we can face only if we stay open to dialogue about our differences. Should you find inaccuracies or sentences you do not understand in our articles, please get in touch with us: working on them together will broaden reciprocal understanding between our cultures.

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