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Elisa is currently living in Western Australia with her Benedetta, her girl with special needs, and she wants to share the following information about this country. Should you have any information to add to this list, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you Elisa!



In WA there is a large variety of schools. I have personally experienced a Governement Child Care (Marmion Avenue Community Child Care – Carine) and a Catholic Primary School (Our Lady of Grace, North Beach) and I have found both of them good.

The Creaney Education Support Centre, Kinslay, Tel. 9409 6344, provides school and other services for children with special needs

Some useful websites:

www.australianschoolsdirectory.com.au, lists all schools, including those that provide services for children with special needs.

www.det.wa.edu.au, Education Department of WA – Provides informations for parents etc..

www.ceo.wa.edu.au, Catholic education website

www.holyrosarydblv.wa.edu.au, Holy Rosary school provides education for children with special needs at its Siena Special Education Centre.

https://web.ssp.wa.edu.au/inclusive_education, St Simon Peter school also provides education for children with special needs at its Catherine Centre.


Autism Association of Western Australia 
A child centre which runs a program for children who have been diagnosed or are going through the process of determining a diagnosis of autism.

Independent Living Centre
A not for profit organization. Provides free assistance to find solution for disabilities and mobility problems, such as renting a walker or a talking device. Appointment is required and it may take a few months on waiting list.

Disability Services Commission
They can provide useful advice and information about what your Visa entitles you to

Therapy Focus
Organization that provides great services for children with disabilities and also special equipment etc. To access the service it is required to be a permanent resident in Australia.

Telethon speech and hearing centre
A non profit organization that teaches children with speech and language or hearing impairments. Not sure if they require a permanent residency.

Riding for disabled association

Swim lessons
They provide a “dolphin program” specifically designed to cater for children with various special needs.


Princess Margaret Hospital for children (PMH)

OPS, Orthotic Prosthetic Solution
Leederville WA 6007
Ph (08) 9328 8022


Perth, Western Australia
April 2011
Updated January 2016

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