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Besides being a faithful member of the Expatclic team, Carolexpat is a freelancer in marketing,  translations (EN/IT-FR) and content writing (in French). In this article  she tells us how she got the idea to create World Translation Jobs, a translation portal.


I basically love languages, and all aspects related to languages and translation especially when linked to the digital world.

Another passion of mine is the creation of communities around a region or topic and I have a keen interest in web design, which helped me create an advertising website for French expats in the Gulf countries. I manage many other Facebook marketing and ads groups in France and one in Africa.

Three years ago I became the moderator of a translation group, which was created in 2015 (in London) by one of my colleague translator, Mr. Khan. This has now become one of the biggest Facebook groups in the translation field, with 44.000 members (2020).

The aim of the group is to provide translators with a friendly space where they can post jobs listings, share tips, experiences and problems and increase their chances to find jobs/clients.

Being part of a small team of translators/interpreters and noticing that the job posts were not visible enough on the group, we decided to create a portal, a separate website where the same job listings are republished and new ones posted as well, and where translators can publish their profiles and work experience.

World Translation Jobs has been created as a joined freelancers venture.

It has a job portal where translation agencies can publish their job listings on the platform and the translators can present their profiles and language combinations for FREE.

On World Translation Jobs translation agencies can reach out directly to individual translators.

Many job boards are already present on the web and some are really famous! Challenges are numerous but the translators’ community is huge and we do have a lot of energy to go for that adventure! Members and users come from all over the world, which makes it a great project.

The main challenge for us is that we want to keep the group and the platform a “friendly touch customer service”, always answering promptly and trying to solve matters quickly. Many translation companies are too busy, so the platform administrators also offer the possibility of publishing their job listings for them. We are trying to be as flexible as possible.

As many translators are looking for help, tips and advice, we recommend the excellent eBook/course written by one of our colleague, André Lisboa, who describes his 25 years of experience: How to become a successful international translator. It is the best help to start or boost your career as a translator.

We invite translation agencies all over the world to publish their job listings with us, and translators to send us their profiles.

Help us spread the word to create a huge World Translators community!

Website: https://worldtranslationjobs.com/

Carole Sahebzadah (Carolexpat)
June 2020


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