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We thank Alison, who lives in Tokyo, for this article on Haneda Airport!

Website: https://www.tokyo-airport-bldg.co.jp/en/

Haneda Airport or Tokyo International Airport is one of two airports that service the Tokyo area. The other, larger airport, is Narita but this is considerably further from the city. Haneda is only about 15 kms from Tokyo Station in Ota, and is built on the waterfront and reclaimed land.

Haneda has three terminals. One and two deal with domestic flights and the third is the international terminal. The terminals are connected by free shuttle bus and there is a walkway between terminals one and two.

The international terminal is open 24 hours but the domestic terminals are closed overnight. International flights are only allowed from Haneda between 11pm and 7am. This has brought complaints because many of the services such as restaurants and shops close at night, while bus and rail links are restricted or stopped as well. Hopefully this situation will change in the future as new carriers begin using the airport.

Having said that, the international terminal is one of the calmest, cleanest and most pleasant airports to depart from and Haneda is much closer to Tokyo than Narita. Passengers just have to bear in mind facilities are limited at night.

How to get there

Links to Haneda are excellent during the day, but at night a taxi to/from Tokyo or Yokohama maybe the only option.
The Keikyu (Keihin Kyuko) Railway and the Tokyo Monorail both run to Haneda Airport. The Keikyu line leaves from Shinagawa Station, and the monorail from Hamanatsucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

Several bus companies also run services from Haneda into Tokyo and Yokohama.
Services on both bus and rail are frequent and extremely reliable. Suica and Pasmo travel cards can be used on some routes. There are ticket vending machines at the bus ranks outside the terminals, and also a desk in the international terminal where staff will help directly with travel.

However, these excellent and reliable connections dry up at night and the only option in the wee small hours might be a taxi. The fare could be between 4,000 and 10,000 yen depending on destination and time — there is a surcharge during the late night, usually 20 per cent.


There are two domestic terminals and one international terminal. These are connected by a free shuttle bus.


Much as you would expect at any airport, but always polite.


Wheelchairs and assistance are readily available. Check with your airline.
There is also part of the website which has information for walking-impaired visitors, vision impaired visitors, hearing impaired visitors and those who are pregnant or travelling with small children. A huge amount of information is available on line.
A courtesy golf buggy also zips around the international terminal, which you can hitch a ride on.


Depends on the airline but there are usually plenty of counters open and the staff are extremely pleasant and courteous.


There are paid and free lounges – check your airline for access.


Plentiful and clean.


There are exchange, banking and ATM’s on the departure floor and on the arrival floor. Some banks are only open during the day.
Travel insurance is also available at the airport.


In the international terminal, late at night when most people are travelling the restaurants are packing up or closed so there is little choice available. Even when they are open most of the offerings are Japanese — noodles, tempura, sushi, grills etc. There is one pizzeria and a coffee shop serving a limited range of food. If you are travelling with small children and you know they are picky eaters come prepared.
There is a smoking bar, which is very smoky, but very little else.


Upstairs in the international terminal the shops and restaurants have been arranged and designed to look like and old Japanese town with wooden facades, shoji screens, lanterns and hanging cloths. Japanese souvenirs are available here.


Available in most parts of the terminals. There are also internet stations with a small charge.
Free computer recharging points are near the departure gates.


Haneda Excel Hotel, Terminal 2 — main website is in Japanese but several booking agencies list it.
A little further away, by rail or free shuttle bus or taxi are:
Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo https://www.japanican.com/
Toyoko Inn Haneda Kuko https://www.japanican.com/
Haneda Inn https://travel.rakuten.com/


Fast and efficient.


Fast and efficient on departure.
Arrivals can take a little time depending on the size of plane arriving, but passengers are split according to those with re-entry visas and first time arrivals.


For some nationalities, visas are available on arrival if the purpose of the visit is not to stay or work — check with your Embassy.

Airport tax



A clean, efficient airport. There is an abundance of information available on their website, too.

Tokyo, Japan

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