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We thank Pauline, of www.mondassur.com for this article that tells us about Healthcare in France.

The topic of health is of basic importance for expatriates. Most women that decide to relocate to France with or without their families, have access to the French Healthcare system (called Sécurité Sociale, or Sécu) that offers several advantages. In order to understand how the system works, read the following article!

Who can benefit from the French Healthcare system?

Good news, expatriates can benefit from healthcare in France if they live in France for a long period of time and/or if they have a French working contract.

In case you work in France, your employer will take care of affiliating you to the Sécu. Your coverage will be financed by your employer through payroll and with your own subscriptions.

If you are a trailing spouse and you have no professional activity, you can chose between getting an  expatriation insurance for the length of your stay in France or joining your husband/partner’s healthcare program, if he/she is affiliated (https://www.securite-sociale.fr/)

What are the benefits of the Healthcare in France?

As an expat, the Sécu allows you to benefit from a quality and unexpensive system. A medical visit that costs on average between 23€ and 70€, will reimboursed by the Sécu a little less than 20€. The rest will be covered by a private insurance, called “mutuelle”, that you’ll subscribe to.

Whatever the medical treatment you need, the Sécu will reimbourse all or part of your medical treatments.

For mothers to be, France is a very good country since you’ll be taken into care and carefully followed during the whole pregnancy.

How does Healthcare in France work?

Big question! The system can seem complicated in theory, but it becomes easier once you put it into practice.

Let’s take the example of a flu: if you have joined the Sécu, you’ll have to chose a doctor. When you go and see the doctor of your choice, or any other specialist he will refer you to, you’ll have to show your “carte vitale” (health card) and fill up the questionnaire the doctor will give you. You will receive the reimboursement at a later stage, usually ten days after the visit, at home. You will obtain the carte vitale by filling up the file the Sécu will send you once you have applied to the system. As explained above, the Sécu will only cover part of your medical expenses. The mutuelle (see list above) will cover the rest.


Carte vitale


Should you not be eligible to join the Healthcare system, you can always join an expatriates insurance, so that you won’t have to pay your medical costs while living in France. Your health is priceless.


October 2012
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