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Marion lived in Israel with Nathalie, her girl with special needs, and she wants to share the following information about this country. Should you have any information to add to this list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Israel, Jerusalem

Hettena School/Day Care Center
50 Olsvanger Street
96673 Israel
Tel: 02/644 6854

This is a public school, so children only accepted if they go through the official process.

The Feuerstein Institute
47, Narkiss Str.
91077 Jerusalem

The Feuerstein Institute offers one on one therapy by speech therapists, O.T.s and teachers for special need trained in the Feuerstein method.

Ezer Mizion

An organization where parents can lend medical equipment for a reasonable fee like devices for communication, walkers, physio equipment etc

Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Amir Riding Stable in Jerusalem
Tel: 02/ 582 4769