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Come and discover a fresh and lovely artist. Marcelli D’Andréa lives in London, and she tells us about art and traveling in her life. Thank you Marcelli!


What took you abroad the first time, and what made you stay?

I used to have a very stressful job back in Brazil. I was 27 when I was diagnosed with stress-related gastritis at risk to become an ulcer. The doctor advice was to enjoy life more. Suddenly I found myself thinking about it and I felt lost. I wasn’t sure about my career or future any more. So I decided to try a different life in Europe.

I chose England because it made me feel safe, I like English politeness and living in a multicultural city. I learned a lot about other cultures, ways of thinking, living, etc. On top of it, I was travelling every two months to other countries.

MarcelliYou spent four months in Milan, but definitely more time in London – how did this happen?

My older sister was living in Milan and this made it easier to apply for my Italian citizenship. All the documents were already at the Comune in Sesto San Giovanni. My initial plan was to stay longer but I was struggling to find a job. In the meantime, my brother was living in London and thought it would be easier for me to get a job there once I was fluent in English.

When you lost your job in London you went back to your native Brazil – how did it feel to go back?

Yes, at the very beginning. I didn’t want to go back but I had to. I lost my job and it was difficult to find another one. Luckily, once in Brazil, and ten days before I was going to go back to São Paulo, I got a job in Rio de Janeiro where I stayed for two years. It was good because it felt like starting again but in a different place.

And now you are back in London. What is it that occupies your time the most?

I have a job in a Media Company but apart from that I work on my own projects. I spend a lot of time writing, producing and directing short films and documentaries. In my spare time I go for a run and enjoy socialising with my friends.

Tell us about your work as a documentary producer.

Everything started when I understood that it would be difficult to find a job as a journalist because I don’t speak or write the ‘Queen’s English’. So, to keep on with my writing, no matter how, I started writing my own blog. After a while I thought that making documentaries and short films would be another powerful expressive tool. So far my first short film (iJuice) was shown at Prince Charles Cinema, in London. The first short documentary (Abner Harris – That’s Life) won two Awards and was accepted in six Short Documentaries Festival around the world. The second short film is in post-production and I am producing another short documentary and a kids web series.

Plans for the future?

I want to write and make more videos, explore the film scenario. I am also editing a short-stories book in Portuguese that I want to publish in Brazil.

Thank you Marcelli, and all the best for your future!


Marcelli D’Andréa
London, United Kingdom
July 2016
Marcelli’s blog: https://marcelli.co.uk/en/
Interview collected by Claudiaexpat
Photos © Marcelli d’Andréa


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