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We are grateful to our friends of We Buy Any Home who have compiled a list of packing tips for Expatclic while we discuss “Relocating”.

Moving house is the beginning of a transitional period in your life. It’s an exciting period of time, yet can also be clouded with lots of stressful moments as you organise and prepare to begin a new chapter. While house hunting and looking into the future can be an exciting prospect, the notion of packing can often be the most tedious and frustrating part- especially if you have a large family with children and pets. The responsibility of packing, in addition to ensuring that all aspects such as the removal van are organised well in advance, can cause feelings of being overwhelmed for a lot of people – and remove the joyous nature into moving house and the idea of a fresh start. Luckily, the existence of help guides, tutorials and hack videos are a great help when ti comes to packing and moving house, and can remove some of the stress by encouraging and advising you on how to be organised and punctual. Here at We Buy Any Home, we have compiled a simple guide containing everything you need to know about packing and moving house – which will make the experience a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.


 4 Things to Do Before You Move House

Before you begin to pack all your belongings, there are a few things that need to be organised and sorted in advance. Any prep-work you can do before you move will inevitably make the move itself a lot easier. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Agree a Date:

Before you begin to put anything else into motion, agreeing a moving date is essential. Nothing else on the list can be accomplished until you have agreed a moving date. Agree a date, and find out whether you will have just one day to move or whether you can move over a couple of days.

  • Removals Quote:

Unless you have a lot of help from friends and family, it is likely that you will need help on the day of your move. If this is the case, then gathering quotes from removal vans in advance is a great idea. The quote you get will determine how much help you can get from the removal services, and organise thing in advance.

  • Redirect Your Mail:

Taking this precaution will ensure that you don’t miss any vital mail, and will protect your personal information from identity theft.

  • Let the Important People Know:

Ensure that the important people are aware of your move. This includes your landlord (if you’re moving out of a rented building), banks, insurance companies, doctors and dentists. It’s also a good idea to update your driving license in advance and change your details on the electoral roll.

Packing Tips

  • Declutter:

Moving into a house is a fresh start – so why bring unwanted items along with you on your journey? A great place to start is by decluttering. Go through each room systematically, and decide whether you want to keep, donate, or bin each item. It’s a good idea to keep only what you need or things of sentimental value, so that your new home is sparse of clutter.

  • Make a Packing Supply List:

When packing, you’re going to need the essentials such as boxes, bubble wrap, tape and scissors. Ensure you’ve got the right equipment and various types of storage boxes – this will make the packing process a lot easier.

  • Start in Advance:

Packing is a lengthy and tedious process – so it’s best to start in advance. Begin packing months in advance – even if you think it’s a little too premature. It’s better to be done early than being last minute, right?

  • Work Around the House Systematically:

Box up each room accordingly, and then, if possible, store the boxes in that room. This will make it easier on the day of moving, as you will be able to transition the boxes from the kitchen in your old house to your new kitchen.

  • Start With the Least Used Rooms:

It may be easier to tackle the rooms that are used less frequently first, such as a loft or basement. This way you can store boxes out of the way and still complete the packing process in a systematic room-by-room approach.

  • Make an Inventory List and Label:

Make note of what you have, in case things get misplaced or broken. It’s vital that you label each box, so you can place the boxes accordingly in your new home. Labelling boxes will make the unpacking process a lot easier and less time consuming- therefore making the moving process a lot less stressful.


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