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In Paul Immigrations Reviews we are happy to introduce you to a wonderful immigration consultancy firm that will make your life much easier if you decide to become a permanent resident in Singapore.


Singapore has no doubt become one of the most sought-after destinations for expats from all over the world. And with good reason. It is a modern country, it has one of the best health services in the world, a fast and reliable Internet connection, and its multicultural population is guarantee of an interesting and stimulating experience. Besides, the job market in the city-state is lively and sound, and each and everyone can find his own place professionally.

Within the same community of Expatclic, many are the women who have moved to the island nation and have fallen under its spell and decided to stay. We have heard many positive things about the country, and have held more than one Expatclic gathering there.

paul immigrations

All this considered, it is easy to understand why more and more foreigners turn to the idea of applying for permanent residency in the Lion City. And even if the process is not particularly thorny, there are things that anyone about to start it should be aware of.

In our experience, it is always good to turn to someone local for this kind of procedures. An insider opinion and experience can save time and frustration, by stressing those important steps that a foreigner is not necessarily aware of.

This is one of the things that Paul Immigrations can take care of, and one of the many reasons why we feel like recommending them if you are about to embark on the application to attain Permanent Residency (PR).

Despite being relatively young – it was founded in 2016 – this vibrant consultancy firm has already proven well ahead in managing the permanent residency application process from its very first steps.

paul immigrations

We particularly like their practical approach. Once contacted by a prospective client, the first thing they do is a phone call, during which they carry out a first evaluation of the conditions of the applicant. While it is easy to find out by oneself what these conditions are, the agency perfectly knows the degree of importance each condition holds. In the end, it is a foreign culture you are facing, and despite the little red dot being so accessible even under a cultural and communicational point of view, only experienced professionals with a good grasp of the untold local codes and customs are in the perfect position to give you a realistic assessment of the situation.

If all conditions subsist, the second step will be to meet in person and verify all the information provided by phone. The consultancy has a range of highly experienced professionals who are able to narrow down the incognita that might hinder the successful result of your application.

One of these is definitely the cover letter. While not being a compulsory part of the application, it dramatically increases the chances for your application to be successful. The Singaporean Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) does not carry out face-to-face interviews, as is the case in many other countries. The whole procedure to apply for a permanent residency relies on the bundle of documents that must be assembled and submitted. Including a good cover letter greatly increases the chances of being accepted as a PR.

However, it is not easy to craft one that will stand out from all the others (and you must be aware that applications for permanent residency flow in abundantly). An efficient cover letter should clearly state your skills, your strong points and the deepest motivation you have to become a PR. You might have all of these elements perfectly lined out, but be unable to express them in the right way and with the right pace. In some cases you might even not be aware of what you have to offer to the country. It is always good to include your previous professional experiences, your most valued skills, and any other element that might concur to make you the right candidate. Paul Immigrations provides a range of skilled writers who collect all that is needed to present you under your best light, and craft a great cover letter that responds to the general desired.

paul immigrations

Photo ©ChiaraBerlinzani

Of course there are many different families, professional and life situations, and each one will have to be assessed singularly. The consultancy’s assistance covers a wide range of categories, from spouses of citizens or PRs, unmarried children aged below 21 born within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted by citizens or PRs, aged parents of citizens, students and more.
If you are a foreign investor, you will also find the right support to direct you in the best possible way.

On their website you can find plenty of free tips and information to understand how to move in your application, a generous and free contribution that serves as a basis to start putting things into perspective. Once you have taken your decision – and as we saw there are plenty of reasons why becoming a Permanent Resident in Singapore is all at your advantage! – choosing the right agency will only diminish the burden and the uncertainty that chips you away with a thousand details you are not familiar with.

As expats, we know very well that paperwork in countries whose procedures and cultural codes are unfamiliar can become a huge source of stress. Even more so if your application is rejected for a detail you were not aware of because you are not yet in the position to know how things really work in your new country.

Having the right professional assisting you in the many facets of the process, and in the case of Singapore, starting with the cover letter, can result in a more relaxed, enjoyable and even instructive experience. And you can use the time you save for other equally important things, like your family, your work, your friendships, your passions. Singapore being such a stimulating place, which offers so many opportunities, we have no doubt you will flourish in all domains. Having the right immigration agency by your side will further enhance an experience that promises to be absolutely stunning.


Expatclic Team
February 2020
Photos: Pixabay unless otherwise stated
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