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Aurore is Italo-Belgian. She lives in Brussels, where she teaches voice classes, and works in photography, writing and performances. She is organising a wonderful voice seminar in Tuscany. In this interview collected by Claudiaexpat, she tells us all about it.


Welcome Aurore, please tell us a bit about you and your story.

I’ve started learning to use my voice twenty years ago with Joseph Clark from the Roy Hart Theater, when I was a photography student in Brussels. Over the years, I also learned how to teach voice classes and then started to teach groups and individuals (amateurs, professionals, visual artists, dancers, teachers…).

What I really like in this work is that it’s at the same time a very intimate exploration of who we are, how we present ourselves through our voice and also a true work of communication, interpretation and therefore a creative research.

The idea is to share who we are and what we think with the others and therefore to better connect with them at a very human level.

Each voice is different and in order to help people discover it and use it more freely, we have to take a different path with each person. I’m always very happy when I see my students finally dare to sing at their full potential, not being afraid to express their unique personality and sensitivity, taking time to tell a story, singing the lyrics in their very own way, being fully aware of their (vocal) presence in a room, a group or on a stage. The idea is to share who we are and what we think with the others and therefore to better connect with them at a very human level.

So for me, this work on the voice is not exclusively technical, artistic or practical, but a mix of all this! 🙂 That’s why it can be used in every day situations. Just as I use it myself when I’m teaching voice work, photography, or in my artistic practice.

Tell us where the idea of the Voice seminar you are organising in Sarteano comes from

I’ve invited Joseph Clark to teach the seminar because he’s someone I greatly value, just as I value his teaching. He’s always learning something new, exercising his voice by himself, working in different fields (he has worked with theatre companies, singers, interpreters, a lot of people around Europe).

I’ll be “backing” him in the organisational aspects. We discussed the topics together (but they will be fine tuned once we know the participants a bit better), and are well aligned with each other on what we find important to teach.

voice seminar

Photo Credit ©AuroreDalMas

The idea of the voice seminar came up because I wanted to invest more time in Tuscany (Sarteano) where I now have a property. It’s an ancient borgo that was renovated in a typical Tuscan style, hidden on the hills of the village. I find the place so beautiful and peaceful that I talk about it constantly 🙂 I didn’t want to be just a “visitor” there but to impact the place in a smooth, creative way and to share it with people!

What should participants expect? Why should someone join?

During those five days, you should expect breathing a lot more than usual! This seems simple but it’s the complex basic that underlies everything about voice work. When we speak or sing, it’s the air that carries what we communicate. The way we make it vibrate, our posture, how relaxed our body is, all this has an impact on the voice.

We’ll go through all these aspects (and many more: height, volume, rhythm, pauses…) in the collective part of the class. Then, each participant is invited to bring some material to work on during individual time (songs, texts, poems). It’s a more specific and targeted work to develop the abilities you want to improve.

This is done in the presence of the group as observing and listening to others is also a great source of learning during the process. It also serves as the little kick to push you forward. To sing or talk in front of the group is more challenging! And with the necessary respect, that’s the moment when people reveal themselves. Roy Hart method is essentially based on body work, it’s an intuitive, creative, sensitive way to use the voice.

The seminar is made to help you get to know your voice, dare to use it (at its full potential), learn how to adapt it to different situations, find a way to get over your limitations. It’s a very complete work, having to use your body and your mind to express yourself in a soulful way.

With that knowledge, you can go anywhere you want. To sing or to simply use your voice in an active, wider and more conscious way helps you stand out of the crowd, it allows you to be yourself with confidence.

Download the voice seminar brochure here


Aurore Dal Mas
May 2019
Main photo credit ©Expatclic


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