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Erikaexpat has interviewed Corrado Pastore, web communication manager of Docsity, a very interesting website for university students all over the world. Thank you Corrado!


Corrado Pastore is the Web communication manager of an interesting website made up of people coming from all over the world and from different schools and universities. He enthusiastically told us about the project he has launched together with a team of other passionate young.

Docsity was born in 2010 from the desire to meet the needs of  young students, since there was no official channel on the net where they could meet, compare, share didactical material and exchange useful information to face the university world… this is why we created Docsity!“.

Docsity is an international social network with a didactical aim, conceived by a group of university students for anybody in the education field: high school, university and PhD students, professors and teachers;  it allows  access to notes and school contents.

docsityThe website is translated into seven languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Croatian Serb), providing a polyhedral platform capable of speaking the languages of the students of the main universities. It aims at expanding beyond the community of students.

Presently the website has 600 000 users and 1 million items of available content. Most users come from Rome, Milan, Palermo, Bari, Catania, Turin and Naples, and the most represented university faculties are Law, Economics, Medicine and Engineering.

Users are responsible for the content they decide to upload and share with the community: they undertake to  present only notes and documents originally created by themselves; thanks to the documents’ preview (available for all publications) besides marks, comments and statistics, users can evaluate the quality of contents independently.

Docsity wants to offer a valid tool to share different kinds of school documentation amongst the users in the field.



November 2013

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