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Eli presently lives in Lyon, France, and she offers a short but useful musical tour in her hosting city. 

Lyon offers many opportunities to enjoy and learn music both for adults and for kids.

I live in a very “bohemian” area where adverts and offers are everywhere: les Pentes de la Croix Rousse !

On school boards, in libraries, city halls and associations halls, you can easily find ads posted both by individuals and professionals;

Just try « ecoles musique lyon » on google to get an idea.

You can also try: https://culture.118000.fr/

For the youngest some of the classic schools are:

• Le mini Conservatoire, with many schools in the region (Rhône Alpes), for the very little ones for early learning of music, good rates; https://mca.corroy-creation.fr/

• La petite boite à musique, 6 Rue de Vauzelles, 69001 Lyon 1er,
 Tel: 04 78 39 55 44, another good address, I don’t know them personally but I have been told they are good, though a bit more expensive.

music in lyonEvery city hall can give a list of neighborhoods associations with all the addresses and all the activities organized for all ages.

For young kids and teenagers there‘s a monthly magazine, Bulles des gones, also online www.bullesdegones.com, that offers a list of day-by-day activities and good ads. Another similar free magazine is Grains de selhttps://www.grainsdesel.com/. You can find them in shops, city halls, libraries etc.

Lyon is a festive and artistically active city, a city of festivals and retrospectives, where music strives ! Besides the famous Fête de la Musique, that takes place every year in June , making all of Lyon’s neighborhoods alive, or Nuits de Fourvièrein summer , all year long you can enjoy music festivals: classical, jazz, rock…

Check this link (in French) https://www.culture.lyon.fr/, where you can find lots of events!


Lyon, France
January 2013

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