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Parathas are traditional fried plain breads from the Indian subcontinent made with whole wheat flour/roti fried in oil or ghee. These plain breads are cooked in every home, and served at breakfast with tea and eggs. Parathas can be plain or filled with pickles, potatoes, cheese, minced meat, spinach…

We present the original pickles parathas cooked in Karachi Pakistan Pickles.


1/2  kg whole wheat flour
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and knead the dough for a few minutes, adding more water if needed. Cover it for 30 minutes.


Take one large fistful of kneaded wheat, make it into a round bread/roti with a roller pin.

Use dry wheat so that the kneaded flour does not stick to the cooking table.

Take some finely cut pickle and spread it on the round wheat roti.

Fold the bread, roll and twist the flour roti

Use the roller pin to turn it again into a roti.

Spread the roti on a tawa or heavy pan, add oil on one side, turn over and cook for a minute: cook both sides till brown.

You can use the same method with boiled mashed potatoes. This is known as Alu Paratha.

It can be cut and served with chutney or with yogurt. It is a meal in itself.

I cut small triangles and serve them as starters.

Nutella paratha


Make a bread with kneaded flour, cook both sides on a thick pan adding a teaspoon of oil or butter. Cook till light brown.

Take off the fire, place in a plate, dab the excess oil with a tissue.

Spread Nutella over the round wheat bread Roti / Paratha .

Serve with hot milk tea or as a dessert.


Platters by Tribal truck Art.

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Collected by Carole Sahebzadah  (Carolexpat)
Photos and text ©Anjum Rana
November 2017


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