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We thank our lovely Richa Singh for taking us to Udaipur, the Indian city of lakes with the charms of a bygone princely era. It sounds marvellous!


udaipurPicture this – you sit with a cigar in your hand by the lake and enjoy the sunset from your palace.

You see birds flocking around chirping and you enjoy the light sound of flute in the background.

This is what I will remember Udaipur by.

The four days spent here will remind me of the architectural marvel of the beautiful palaces, the beauty of Lake Pichola with the Aravalli mountains in the background and the experience of staying at Taj Lake Palace.

udaipurThe first day when we reached Taj Lake Palace, the hospitality made us feel like royalty.

The magnificence of the Lake Palace, the beautiful terrace providing an amazing view of the lake and city palace and the princely feel of the place makes the entire experience truly breathtaking.

You can enjoy the folk dance performances in the evening and there is a flutist who plays every morning and evening.


The calm and serenity of the place can be enjoyed as you see the sunrise and the sunset. Sitting by the lake side pool, you can enjoy the views of Jagmandir Palace and City Palace.

We also explored the restaurants in Taj, one is Jharokha, multi-cuisine and in a beautiful location. Another is Neel Kamal, Indian cuisine, and we shared a traditional thali and tasted some of the local food such as lall maas, galuati kebab, palak mangodi and more. The highlight of the dinner was the rose flavored kulfi, which I will always remember.

udaipurThe next day we set out to explore the city – we were already captivated by the beauty of the City palace as seen from Lake Palace, the sound and light show told the story of the city through generations of Rajputs and served as a reminder to the lessons learnt from history.

I enjoyed exploring the museum of City Palace which has a great collection of silverware, palanquins, furniture and art of the period.

The crystal gallery at Fateh Prakash palace should not be missed for the world, as it has arguably the best crystal collection in the world.

We also enjoyed dining at Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel one day and at another day, a candle-night dinner at Jagmandir Palace , which is a beautiful Lake Garden Palace.

This was a thoroughly relaxing holiday, because we enjoyed the quiet of the place with its natural beauty. Our batteries fully recharged as we ended the trip to catch a flight back. I would highly recommend a trip to Udaipur for anyone planning to visit India.


Richa Singh
Bonn, Germany
March 2019
All photos ©RichaSingh


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