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Claudiaexpat is happy to share the story of Valeria Simone: it’s an example of rare courage and determination — those personality traits that often contribute to changing the course of our lives abroad. Valeria has worn and still wears many hats, but we’d like to introduce her to you as a Kangatraining instructor in Geneva. Read on to understand why!

We are happy to announce that after the publication of this article in Italian, last year, Valeria got her certificiation as Babytraining consultant – congratulations Valeria!


After obtaining her degree in nursing, Valeria graduated in Exercise and Sports Sciences in Bari, Italy. She also studied classical dance for twenty years. However, she did not use her degrees professionally in Italy (with the exception of five years of teaching dance and rhythmic gymnastics) because she was always busy … moving…

First she moved to Novara, pregnant with her first child, gave birth there, and then to Geneva. They decided to move to Switzerland because Valeria’s husband was dissatisfied with the hospital where he worked in Novara, a city neither of them found inspiring.

Valeria’s brother had been living in Geneva for a few years already, and this motivated them to take the plunge. Valeria arrived without knowing a word of French, but with determination she began to work in a prestigious Geneva boulangerie. Around that time, Valeria got pregnant with her second child. Everything went well until the seventh month, when, in May 2017, a severe brain malformation was detected in her baby and she underwent a therapeutic termination of the pregnancy.

I don’t think it’s necessary to describe Valeria’s feelings during this experience. She decided to quit her job because she did not want to go back to work where her clients and colleagues had seen her heavily pregnant. She couldn’t face having to explain.

She found the strength to move forward in her first child, and decided to seek work as a nurse.


kangatraining a ginevra

Without experience, however, it was not easy. Thanks to her unemployment advisor, in February 2018 she managed to get a place as an intern in an EMS (établissement médico-sanitaire), a 5-star nursing home. She worked there until the end of May, when she was hired by another EMS.

She discovered she was pregnant again shortly before starting her new job. She was delighted, and she certainly did not expect the bombshell that landed a week later: her boss, with whom Valeria had shared the good news, signed her dismissal letter, after only two months of work.

Valeria did not lose heart. She was determined to enjoy her pregnancy, and started preparing to welcome Elsa, who was born in January 2019 (and who was at the Expatclic meeting last October!).


By chance (but nothing happens by chance, right?) Valeria found a postnatal gymnastics course for new mothers carrying their babies in a sling. Perfect : Valeria was passionate about babywearing.

Browsing the internet, she came across Kangatraining, and was intrigued. But there were no Kangatraining courses for trainers in Geneva. Kangatraining comes from Austria and has caught on in 30 countries, but not in Switzerland. So she decided to train in France, where the method is becoming increasingly popular, and became a Kangatraining instructor in June 2019.

In December 2019 she started giving her Kangatraining courses in Geneva. Things were going quite well: the method is innovative, and Valeria’s lessons are infused with passion and strengthened by all the skills she has developed in her other training areas. Word of mouth was beginning to bear fruit and then…COVID arrived.

The rest is history. With the determination that characterizes her, Valeria started giving online lessons, but it is not the same. She is a great believer in sharing, in the pleasure of going out and meeting other mothers, talking and exchanging with them, and she finds it very difficult to adapt to online lessons, where everything is limited.

She is currently being trained as a Monitrice de Portage (Babywearing Consultant). Babywearing, or Portage, literally means “wearing the baby”. It is the practice of carrying, transporting, protecting and comforting young babies. It is an extraordinary tool that enables mothers to respond to the innate needs of children: in their parents’ arms, they can continue their neurological growth outside the mother’s womb.

As a babywearing consultant, Valeria is committed to ensuring that parents are in close contact with their child, are aware of their abilities, and can listen and respond to their baby’s needs. She runs babywearing workshops while keeping prices affordable pending certification (which she hopes to obtain in March 2021). Also passionate about crochet, Valeria has created her own brand of breastfeeding necklaces.

As you can see, Valeria is unusually energetic and inventive. She has been through painful experiences in her life abroad, but she hasn’t let them bring her down. It was a great pleasure to meet her, and I hope that through her story, I have been able to pass on a little of the inspiration that she has given me.

I was also happy to discover Kangatraining (not that I need it anymore, but I love everything related to parenthood). Valeria explained that Kangatraining is an ideal postnatal gymnastics practice for mothers who want to get back in shape while staying with their baby. It offers a targeted workout to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominal area, and improve coordination and cardiovascular endurance. Music, choreography, sweat and fun, with your baby! New mothers, what are you waiting for? Click here for Valeria’s Kangatraining sessions!


Claudia Landini (Claudiaexpat)
Geneva, Switzerland
December 2020
Translated from Italian by Claudiaexpat

Photos ©ValeriaSimone
Valeria’s IG handles:

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