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We are so lucky to have Isla, a Scottish in Melbourne, telling us about a new great project for expat students, My Online Schooling.


You recently relocated from Scotland to Melbourne. Can you tell us what pushed you down under, and anything you want to share about yourself?


I had been thinking about moving to Australia for a couple of years, but I never really fully committed. I had reservations about leaving Edinburgh behind and it never felt like the ‘right’ time.

Two years passed from me initially thinking about Australia and I found myself getting frustrated at home. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and explore somewhere new, but I was running my own business in Edinburgh and felt like I could not leave.

An opportunity came up, at the right time and I couldn’t say no. I was offered a job at My Online Schooling to do business development for their new base in Melbourne.

My Online Schooling initially started in the UK and is now recognised as the leading online school there. Our aim is to offer an outstanding British education online. We follow the English National curriculum and teachers deliver live, interactive lessons.

It’s an exciting company to be a part of and I believe this sector is going to dramatically grow. Globalisation has resulted in a growing demand for a modern structure of education. An education that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

We also accommodate young people who cannot access mainstream schooling and are seeking an alternative. It’s especially rewarding to see children who have had difficulties at a traditional school, enjoy learning and regain their confidence.

It’s great that someone has thought to create My Online Schooling! Could you explain a bit more, in particular: can any student join from anywhere, anytime? And if a student attends the online school for, say, two years, can she then go back to a physical British school anywhere in the world with no disruption? How about the final exam? Do you prepare students to give them anywhere they are? Sorry for the many questions, but I am sure this is of much interest to our readers.


Yes of course, I understand it is a very new concept.

Any students, can join from anywhere in the world. That is the beauty of it. We have our timetable in the UK and now our timetable for Asia Pacific which is running to the time in Melbourne. This means that children can access their lessons during a “normal school day”.

“Absolutely fantastic school. Can’t recommend highly enough. Nothing is too much trouble for My Online Schooling, the support they offer parents and pupils is second to none, and the standard of education is excellent. The flexibility of being able to access lessons from wherever you are is invaluable and the system they use is easy to navigate.”

Anabelle, Year 8 Parent

All lessons are recorded too, therefore if a pupil cannot make a class or they wish to consolidate their learning they can watch the recording. This is especially helpful during exam times.

Of course, a student is able to go back to a traditional school in the UK or abroad as we follow the English National Curriculum, which is highly regarded worldwide. Further the exams we follow: IGCSE and A Level are internationally recognised when it comes to applying for college or University. In the 2017- 2018 session 85% received A-C grade in their IGCSE’s.

Designed to be engaging, internationally appropriate and of equivalent standard to the GCSE, International GCSEs provide students with the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully progress on to A Levels, university and into employment. More information about IGCES, the National Curriculum and the examination board Pearson-Edexcel can be found on our website: https://myonlineschooling.co.uk/general-subject-faqs/.

We assist pupils with enrolling to their nearest Pearson-Edexcel exam centre, which are worldwide.

I should mention that pupils are part of an online thriving community. The social aspect of traditional schooling is a key part of learning, and this is emphasised at My Online Schooling.

Small class sizes encourage collaboration and pupils can build friendships and develop their leadership skills through the School Common Room, School Houses and After School Clubs. These include journalism, debating and computer science clubs. All of these come at no extra cost to fees. We continually look to offer more to our pupil’s so they receive a well-rounded education.

my online schoolingPupils also look forward to our adventure weekends away, where they can meet other pupils and staff members in person.

We use two programs for teaching and learning.

The first is PowerSchool: an outstanding platform where pupils access their learning materials. Teachers can  set and mark coursework, create assessments, upload lesson notes and more. Pupils and parents can message teachers directly through this.

The second is the Adobe Connect Virtual classroom. Here pupils access live lessons, following their individual timetable. All lessons are recorded, therefore if pupils cannot make the live lesson they can catch up at a time that is convenient for them. They can re-watch lessons to consolidate learning; a useful tool when revising for exams or completing coursework.

Pupils receive an induction on both programs to ensure that they can begin their learning with confidence.

A typical day at My Online Schooling could see a pupil performing a poem in Miss Hall’s English class, making a volcanic eruption in Mr Palmer’s science experiment club, or figuring out the mystery of the moving stones in Arizona’s Death Valley in Mr Wright’s Geography lesson.

My Online Schooling provides a new, pupil-centred approach to education that provides solutions for diverse pupils needs and educational goals while working with their personal circumstances. We focus on the pupils’ personal ambitions in learning rather than standardised tests and competition. Through this, we are able to ensure that pupils develop and maintain a healthy attitude to learning, and are empowered to build on their individual strengths and interests.

“We cannot express how impressed we are with the response we received from our son’s teachers. Their understanding of his needs and their suggested ways of supporting him are more than he ever received in both mainstream schools and the SEN school he attended in the past. We really feel that he is in the right place being at your school and this is a rare and reassuring feeling, so thank you all so much.”

Joanne, Year 7 Parent

Thank you Isla for this detailed explanation about My Online Schooling! Back to you, and to wrap it up, are you enjoying Melbourne? Are you planning to stay for long?


I am loving Melbourne so far and it is living up the hype of being one of the world’s most liveable cities. The brunches have no boundaries and the coffee is delicious.

my online schooling

The city has so much personality. Every corner you turn there is something funky, from cafes, street art, night markets, boutiques and more. I still have lots to explore! I am not sure how long I will be here, but I have heard Melbourne can steal your heart.


Interview collected by Claudiaexpat
Website of My Online Schooling: www.myonlineschooling.com
March 2019
Photos ©MyOnlineSchooling
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