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We are delighted to introduce you to Nicole of  Kids with Diplomatic Immunity. Nicole lives in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia…fascinating, isn’t it? Thank you Nicole for answering our questions!


What took you abroad?

As is so common in expats’ lives, my husband’s work has been moving us around the world for the past 8 years. Although I should mention that it was my work that originally moved us from our cozy Brooklyn, NYC apartment to Toronto, Canada in 2007. But then again, the term “expat” is a bit hard to define for us since I was born and raised in Germany but lived in the US for many years and now consider that my home-base. So, I guess in a way, I’ve always been an expat on the move!

Why a blog?

I started a blog once we had a baby which coincided with my husband’s career change that has been moving us steadily every other year or so. A blog is a great way to capture what it’s like to live “there” and share the many up’s and down’s of finding home in unfamiliar lands.

Have you found any difficulties in setting it up and managing it? Are you assisted by someone or did you do everything on your own?

When I first started, I used blogger since that was an easy interface to set up. When I lived in Vienna, I met a good friend who is my “everything technology go-to expert” and learned the in’s and out’s about wordpress.com from her which ultimately convinced me to change platforms. I am still learning as I am going…


With what frequence do you publish on your blog?

I have been dropping the blogging ball for the past few months… life has gotten a bit hectic and I’ve finished a few other projects in the meantime that I still need to write about. Thankfully I currently live in Ulaanbaatar so updating the blog is a meaningful winter project when it’s utterly cold outside.

Give us three reasons why your blog is important to you

– a space to capture my own and our family’s milestones
– a method to communicate what our lives “over there” are like for others curious about expat life
– a space to express myself

Have you met people through your blog?

Yes, well not personally but virtually for sure! I love getting comments and inquiries from readers and I love it even more when friends and family beg me to keep on writing – it’s wonderful to know that others are reading and interested in our crazy expat lives.

Kids with Diplomatic Immunity
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
June 2017

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